6 Ways to Create a Gym Routine and Easily Stick to it

Everybody loves the idea of getting fit and being healthy but so very few people follow through with fitness plans and schedules.

Sticking to a routine guarantees success in achieving fitness goals.

In this article, I’ll give you 6 realistic steps you can take to create a gym routine and easily stick to eating. Let’s get into it.

1. Set realistic gym goals

The drawing table is where you begin. ou lay your gold down on a paper which will aid in creating systems needed to achieve the goals.

What we aim to achieve should not be way out of contemplation that will make it hard to follow through in them.

Your dream goals should outline what you want to achieve, and the various physical activities needed to achieve them.

Beginning a gym routine should not be a problem. You can start right in your home and set up a workout area by exploring home gym ideas or taking a membership plan.

With your goals in mind, it is time to look at the actions you need to take to bring them to reality.

2. Small action plan

A good action plan for a gym fitness program involves three things; one is the diet, two is the exercises and three, ways to quit bad habits spirit

Quitting bad habits involves letting go of unhealthy eating habits like too much-processed food and fast food.

You need to let go of your favourite fast-food restaurant and focus more on cooking healthy meals at home or ordering food from healthy food companies.

 In case you have no idea of where to find a healthy food company you may read reviews about food companies to know more about them before picking one.

If the goal of your primary fitness is to lose weight small action plans like jogging and running for a few minutes every day or choosing a weight loss diet shall go a long way to ensure you achieve your goals.

3. Have complementary habits

Complimentary habits are habits taken to be in alignment with the primary goal, in this case, sticking to a gym routine.

Their habits would make a gym routine more likely to go in plan and be accomplished.

Examples of these complimentary habits are;

  • Eating healthy
  • staying hydrated
  • getting enough sleep
  • Yoga or meditation
  • Cutting back alcohol
  • Progress tracking
  • Taking the stairs

There are so many different types of habits you can pick that compliments well with your gym routine. The big question is how do you don’t keep track of all these habits and ensure you follow them up individually?

It is not easy to do so and that is why James clear introduces the idea of habit stacking. This is where you take all these activities or a number of them and add them to other activities that you do regularly.

For instance, after coming from the gym, well your breakfast is cooking you can do meditation.

It makes it easier to keep up with new complementary habits.

4. Make it fun

Oftentimes, routines do not stick because there is no excitement and fun in doing them.

We’re more likely to show up in boring events when we expect to meet someone we enjoy being around or food we can’t wait to devour.

The same goes with our gym routine, we are more likely to stick to them when there is fun and reward in the end.

Some of the ways to make your gym routine more fun and enjoyable is by;

  • Working out with a partner
  • Making an excellent workout playlist or podcast
  • Getting a personal trainer
  • Setting a reward, i.e a spa day
  • Treating yourself
  • Switching locations
  • Trying out different workout exercises

5. Let it be rewarding

Successfully achieving your goals is not enough reward to make a person stick to a particular routine.

For all I can tell, goals are aspirations and visions that would otherwise not be achieved without discipline.

The vision of achieving your goals is not enough to make you want to go on.

Have ways to reward yourself for milestone achievements. It will push you to get better at each attempt in achieving your goals.

Break down the goals and reward yourself for every step.

6. Discipline versus routine?

Finally, there’s this one-on-one hand and routine on the other hand.

You need to have the discipline to maintain your routine period routine in the aftermath of discipline.

Routine is a system of practices and actions that are regularly followed.

To have a practical enjoyable gym routine, you’ll have to tune your body into a disciplined mode.

Discipline is showing up every day without fail, with this, you will build an unbreakable routine. Learn how to build discipline, because then you’ll be closer to having a routine.

Taking everything into consideration, you’ll have to have the discipline to maintain the complementary habits and your gym practices.